Homeless Degens is a collection of 2K unique Crypto Homeless. It is a funny collection about crypto enthusiasts who has bought crypto and NFTs in 2021 Bull Market. So, look what was happened to them! It seems that they did not survive the crypto winter...Did not they?

Homeless Degens
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"Bear markets are defined as a period of time where supply is greater than demand, confidence is low, and prices are falling. Pessimistic investors who believe prices will continue to fall are, therefore, referred to as “bears.” Bear markets can be difficult to trade in — particularly for inexperienced traders." We believe this collection will become the top meme NFT collection representing the market conditions in the 2022-2023 period.
Homeless Degens NFT collection was launched on September, 2022, at a perfect time when crypto winter has truly begun. The price of ETH started to drop significantly and there was no light in the tunnel. The War in Eastern Europe, UST drop, Celsius, FED... There was nothing to believe that the price will return soon. But as true crypto degens, we have started to HODL and invest ETH to multiply our assets. Is it a bad idea? For sure no. Especially if you were not lucky to save your assets from falling.
Imagine that there will be no turning back point for crypto. Who will we become? Homeless Degens... Do you remember the hype of 2021? So many collections and easy money? We were all thinking that this was gonna last forever. But it did not. Nothing is forever.
Except for Homeless Degens collection that you will be able to eternally see on the ETH Blockchain.
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